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    To the Brothers & Chapters of the Mighty Eastern Region:


    First and foremost it is a true HONOR to be duly elected to serve as YOUR Regional Director of B&BB! The direction and focus of this BBB administration will be to provide each chapter with the tools necessary to drive the programmatic initiatives under the umbrella of Bigger and Better Business- PROJECT SEED & the SIGMA BUSINESS NETWORK. Additionally, we will in the coming weeks/ months work to solidify real partnerships with like minded entities that will aid our brothers and those we serve in the focus of building Generational Wealth on multiple fronts- Home Ownership, Investment, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Insurance, etc. We will also strive to foster partnerships with those within our region that can share resources for the growth and successful development of our local non-profits as well as provide support for chapters looking to start their own 501c3 entities.



    To Effectively Promote, Develop and Grow the Programmatic Thrust of Bigger and Better Business in the Eastern Region via the two Conclave mandated Initiatives- PROJECT SEED & the SIGMA BUSINESS NETWORK. This will be accomplished by continuous communication and support for the local and state coordinators of BBB and development of a cohesive plan that promotes Generational Wealth Development and Financial Security for our Brotherhood and the communities we serve. Additionally, we will develop real and effective TRAINING that will aid chapters in implementation of successful BBB Programming both internally and to our communities


    If you or a member of your chapter currently serve as the Program Chair for Bigger & Better Business please submit your/ their contact information and join the BBB Team!!!!!


    The Bigger and Better Business Team is excited to present the 2020/2021 James A. Billboard  Jackson Entrepreneurial  Development Competition. The regional competition will provide two $1000 business development grants to Sigma-Owned businesses that present outstanding business plans. Winners from the regional competition will compete for two $10,000 Business grants during Conclave Myrtle Beach 2021.

    We invite you to apply for the 2020/2021 competition. The official packet, which includes instructions for submitting the business plan, is below.  


    Deadline for applications are February 5, 2021 no later than 12:00am


    For questions, please contact Bro. Ben Alston, Eastern Regional Director of Bigger and Better Business, at bbb@pbseast.org

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