Eastern Regional Conference
April 3-7, 2024
College Park, MD

The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Eastern Region will convene in College Park, MD for the 2024 Eastern Regional Conference. Below you will find key details about Registration.

The Hotel at UMD
7777 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD

Hotel Pricing: $179 per night

Please note that in order to book a hotel room, you must complete the registration through CVENT. Failure to be registered will cause an immediate cancellation of your room.

Additional Information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome each of you the City of College Park, Maryland. Known for its academics at the University of Maryland, its connection to education, exploration and for its “Fearless Ideas” campaign. I welcome you to our 2024 Eastern Regional Conference.

The previous two years have been full of exciting changes to the our Fraternity and our Region. While COVID is no longer on the front page of the news cycle, it still continues to impact our daily lives as new strains emerge and the long term effects continue to be discovered. We have seen political events that have transpired and forever changed our Democracy. Natural disasters and other weather related events with global impacts continue to unfold.

Through all of this, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. prevails and our Bond is forever renewed. We continue to honor Brothers that have gone before us and hold their memories high. The Mighty Eastern Region will continue to do the work that impacts, serves and creates unity within Sigma and our communities.

As we converge in the city of College Park, our conference theme is “Believe in Unity, Leading the Change.” Many of us are well aware of Psalm 133, “Behold how good and pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in unity!” When we Bond together in Unity there is nothing stronger. Our Mighty Eastern Region continues to lead the way in producing positive change for both the Region and the Fraternity as a whole. Our community service cultivates, builds, and gives back to the communities in which we serve. We must continue to be present and to support businesses that reflect our values and support our interests. We must continue to be involved in our places of worship and social gathering spots, collaborating with organizations and building relationships for success.

We will exemplify the high ideals of “Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service” within the city of College Park as we continue to advance the Mighty Eastern Region. At the same time, we will celebrate significant milestones within our Region. We have multiple chapters that have reached either the 50 year or centennial milestone.

The Mighty Eastern Region has an exemplary group of local supporting chapters for this Regional Conference. They represent Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland based chapters. I have a special fondness for my chapter, Zeta Chi Sigma for their support and engagement. All of these chapters continue to work closely with the Regional Board to ensure that each aspect of the conference is an event to remember. All involved have committed to provide a conference that educates, engages and serves the city of College Park and beyond.

Our conference provides a variety of amenities for you, your families and guests. Brothers, I am excited to execute the work of the Eastern Region, while celebrating our Brothers during this Conference.

“JR” Reeves
27th Eastern Region Director