Sigmas Against Meningitis…

As part of the Eastern Region’s Social Action platform we have established the program: “Sigmas Against Meningitis” (SAM). This is a health and wellness awareness workshop in partnership with the National Meningitis Association and designed to educate college campuses on the risks and dangers of contracting meningitis and its various strains. Meningitis is proving to be a public health issue on college campuses due to campuses being ideal environments for the spread of the disease.

Tragically, deaths may result from contracting meningitis. Some quick facts: 10 to 15 percent of those who contract meningococcal disease die. Among those who survive, as many as 20 percent live with permanent disabilities such as: hearing loss, brain damage, kidney damage or limb amputations. Some individuals who have contracted meningitis have died within 24 hours of contracting it.

Those who are at higher risk for meningococcal disease are: adolescents and young adults, Infants less than one year old, people living in crowded settings like college dorms or military barracks, those with persistent complement component deficiency or anatomic or functional asplenia, people traveling to certain areas outside the U.S. such as the meningitis belt in Africa, laboratory personnel who are routinely exposed to meningococcal bacteria, or those who might have been exposed to meningococcal disease during an outbreak. A common thread throughout those who are at higher risk is the fact that this disease can more readily be contracted by those who reside in what can have called “close quarter” housing, such as a college dormitory room or barracks style living. Hence, our focus on providing not only all the community with this valuable information, but more specifically our collegiate populations.

So how do get the word out? We educate our membership so they can go out and educate others, both amongst their campus community and the community at large. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Eastern Region is poised and positioned to be the lead organization within the entire fraternal and sorority system nationwide as it relates to education and impactful social action on this important matter.

We are asking chapters to accept the challenge to get the word out and become change agents on your respective college campuses. “EACH ONE, TEACH ONE”! The National Meningitis Association has developed a kit specifically for our organization. Please see the attached link for additional information and to access the kit. If you have any questions on how you can present a workshop on your respective campus or in your community feel free to reach out to me at

Please click on the link below to go to the NMA’s pledge 2 prevent website to get more information to be able to host an informational event on your campus or in your community.