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    State Leadership

    Bro. Marcus Daly

    New England State Director / newengland@pbseast.org

    Bro. Marcus Daly was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in Spring 1995 through Beta Alpha Chapter (University of Massachusetts Boston campus). Bro. Daly joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc because the Brothers took an interest in him and exemplified what true Brotherhood was. The brothers taught him that it was his responsibility to give back to the community and to demonstrate this not just through words but through action. Professionally, Bro. Daly is a FIOS Sales/Marketing Associate for Verizon Communications for sixteen years. He is also a proud member of CWA Local 1400 where he serves as Chief Steward for his office, servicing two hundred employees in this role for the past ten years. While New England is rich in snow, lobsters, clam chowder, and vineyards, the area is in capable hands of Bro. Daly. His plans for the area include chapter growth within current chapters and new charters (specifically in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine), Sigma Beta Club new charters and current growth, and collegiate training. Bro. Daly has a German Shepherd named Pretty Boy. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Marcus Daly to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. Sydney Moshette III

    New York State Director / newyork@pbseast.org

    Brother Sydney Moshette III was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Fall of 1989 through Beta Kappa Chapter (Tuskegee University). Bro. Moshette joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. because of the brothers’ genuine interest in developing young men, focus on education, and programmatic thrust for our communities. Professionally, Bro. Moshette is the Controller for a non-profit organization. New York is known for its wonderful New York Style Pizza, home to Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and the Empire State but rest assured brothers do not have to worry about what is happening for Sigma in this state. Bro. Moshette is looking to continue strengthening the relationship in the Empire State, Grow and Strengthen Collegiate Chapters, and develop future Sigma and Community leaders. Bro. Moshette is a dancing machine and can outdance his nieces half his age. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Sydney Moshette III to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. David Moore

    New Jersey State Director / njstatedirector@pbseast.org

    Bro. David Moore became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in Spring 2012 through Zeta Rho Sigma Chapter (Camden, New Jersey). Bro. Moore was first introduced to Phi Beta SIgma Fraternity Inc. at Millersville University in the Fall of 1983. Bro. Moore’s best friend was on the charter line of Xi Chi and the brothers on the campus took him under their wing and showed him brotherhood that was unmatched by anything he had seen before. Today, he is still close to the brothers today which made him join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Professionally, Bro. Moore is an Architectural BIM Manager at HDR Inc., a worldwide architectural and engineering firm. New Jersey is known for its beautiful beaches, its infamous New Jersey turnpike that has seen millions of drivers, and is affectionately known as the Garden State. However, with Bro. Moore stepping into the role of State Director, we will see the blue and white family coming to New Jersey from all over. Bro. Moore plans to build “One New Jersey” bringing together all areas of New Jersey to build stronger bonds, build a fantastic relationship with our Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, New Jersey, and an annual State BBQ to ensure brothers know each other within the state of New Jersey. Did you know that Bro. Moore wanted to be a professional wrestler and has driven a NASCAR car at over 160 MPH? Bro. Moore is an avid fan of NASCAR and loves to travel to European countries to study art and architecture. Brothers please welcome Bro. David Moore to the Eastern Region Board.

    Bro. Leonard G. Bennett

    Pennsylvania State Director / pennsylvania@pbseast.org

    Bro. Leonard G. Bennett was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in Spring 1981 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Lambda Mu Chapter). Bro. Bennett states that the direct communication of the brothers on campus is what led him to join the organization. It was then, that he realized two of the charter members of the chapter attended his high school. Professionally, Bro. Bennett is a Public Safety Professional at Bryn Mawr Hospital but is also a retired sergeant from the Pennsylvania State Police after 25 plus years of service. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is known for its wide variety of potato chips and home to the famous Hershey’s Chocolate, Bro. Bennett has a plan ready for the brothers that will take the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the next level. His plans include bringing a premier State Sigma event to the Commonwealth, increase collegiate membership by focusing on a recruitment strategy of students who are in other activities, increase the fraternity visibility in three major cities, and encouraging alumni chapters to purchase a fraternity house. Did you know that Bro. Bennett was inducted in the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society, Hall of Fame in 2018? Brothers, please welcome Bro. Leonard Bennett to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. David Euwings

    Delaware State Director / delaware@pbseast.org

    Bro David Euwings was initiated in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2011 through Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter (Wilmington, DE). Bro Euwings joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. because of his relationships to men in his life he called “brother” who also are members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Understanding the foundation of Sigma made it very clear that those things he considered important were embedded in the principles of the organization, which made his decision to join our wondrous band easy. Professionally, Bro. Euwings, is a Manager of Data Services for Comcast. Delaware is considered a small state with a big heart, however, when it comes to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. it is a torch for excellence. Bro Euwings has begun to identify areas of improvement, strategize a way to bring more brothers into the organization while also finding a way to retain and engage our brothers, and teaching brothers how to be good men of Sigma. Project WARE (Work, Advance, Retain, and Educate) is a passionate initiative for Brother Euwings as he moves into the role of State Director. In Bro. Euwings, free time, he loves to cook. His favorite food items are tacos, burgers, omletes, and buffalo chicken dip. Brothers please welcome Bro. David Euwings to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. Jasper L. James

    Maryland State Director / maryland@pbseast.org

    Bro Jasper L James was initiated in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Fall 1980 through Pi Chapter, (Fayetteville State University). The strong image of doing great community service work and the tight bond with our Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority that Pi Chapter provided influenced Bro. James to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Professionally, Bro. James is a Technical Manager (Software Development) with the Department of Defense and is also certified as Project Management Professional (PMP). The Great State of Maryland is not only known for its Crabs, but is also known for the exceptional brotherhood that the chapters of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc brings to the area. Bro. James is ready to increase collaboration and interaction between chapters, establish career focused events for collegiate brothers, continue to push the brand of Sigma Beta Clubs in the area, Increase the Brotherhood with his program (Reclaim, Reactivate, Recruit), and foster the bond of Sigma and Zeta within his area. While this is not all of his plans, the great state of Maryland is in great hands. Did you know that, Bro. James was the only Macedonian Linguist in the U.S. Air Force at one time? Brothers please welcome Bro. Jasper James to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. S. Lamont Brown

    District of Columbia State Director / washingtondc@pbseast.org

    Bro. S. Lamont Brown was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in the Fall of 1999 at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (Alpha Beta Eta Chapter). Bro. Brown joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. because the Blue and White Family is a part of his family roots. Hanging around his older cousins who were members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, he was able to experience the true Blue and White Family bond that occurred with our sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. He knew that when he matriculated to college, that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. was the organization he would join. Professionally, Bro. Brown is a Master Patrol Officer/Crime Scene Technician with the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department. Washington DC is the place where Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc was founded in 1914. Without a doubt Bro. Brown plans to make the Founders’ of our organization as the next Washington DC State Director. He plans to unify, strengthen, and support the bond amongst the brotherhood, increase membership by ten to fifteen percent, encourage joint programs and service projects within the local chapters, and host a major fundraiser to increase the visibility of our organization within the area. Did you know that Bro. Brown is a triple? He has another brother, who became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. alongside him and a sister. Brothers please welcome Bro. S. Lamont Brown to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. Rodney Wright

    Virginia State Director / virginia@pbseast.org

    Bro. Rodney Wright was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Fall 2005 through Delta Zeta Chapter (Norfolk State University). Bro Wright was introduced to the Sigma Beta Club by his brother Julius Wright (Beta Theta Chapter). As a Sigma Beta member, Bro. Wright participated in community service and interacted with the brothers of our fraternity, which heightened his interest in becoming a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. As soon as he entered college, research began on the fraternities of the divine nine, and what sealed his interest in the “inclusive we” that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. embodied. Professionally, Bro. Wright is a Technical Lead/Software Developer for a Department of Defense Contractor where he leads a team that develops 3D Video games that simulate full motion video capabilities for the purpose of training the intelligence community. Bro. Wright is ready to conquer the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of West Virginia. Bro Wright plans to empower state leadership to influence chapters to produce effective programming, creating a program to develop future leadership within his area, rechartering chapters, and completing the project to establish a Virginia Phi Beta Sigma Driving License Plate. While this does not cover all of his future plans, Bro Wright is truly ready for the tasks at hand. Amongst his friends, he considered the unselfish one and with this important quality, he will make an impact in the brotherhood. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Wright to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Bro. Keith Taylor

    International/TransAtlantic ADD / international@pbseast.org

    Regional Appointments

    Brother Carlton Wourman

    Chief of Staff / cos27@pbseast.org

    Bro. Carlton Wourman was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2009 through Nu Eta Sigma (Yokosuka, Japan). “Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service” is exactly what Bro. Wourman represents and was immediately drawn to the fraternity because the organization was dedicated to “WORK” and not popularity. The fraternity has proven throughout history that work was being accomplished without fanfare. Professionally, Bro. Wourman is a thirty year retired naval officer, currently working as a Senior Analyst for Leidos Inc (Defense Contractor Task Lead) working at the National Maritime Intelligence Center. Bro. Wourman accepted the Chief of Staff position because it allows him to help the Eastern Regional Director behind the scenes. Bro. Wourman believes in results not excuses. Through this, he plans to execute the plans and vision of the Eastern Regional Director by requiring excellent and frequent communications, meeting deadlines, driving the goals of the Eastern Regional Director, speaking honestly and holding brothers accountable for their responsibilities, managing personalities while remaining focused on the collective goals of the ERD and the brothers. He is detail oriented and believes managing small details contributes to large accomplishments. When Bro. Wourman is not working hard for Sigma, he considers it a great day when he is grilling outdoors with family, listening to smooth jazz while enjoying a smooth cognac, bourbon, or scotch. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Carlton Wourman to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Steven Davis

    Deputy Chief of Staff / dcos27@pbseast.org

    Bro. Steven H. Davis was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in the spring 2019 through Zeta Chi Sigma (Metro DC-Prince George County). Bro. Davis attributes the core values, fellowship and brotherhood of this fraternity as to his main reasons for joining our wondrous band. Currently Bro. Davis is an Active Duty Service member stationed at the Research and Development Support Activity area at the Pentagon. He is a project manager supporting Naval Intelligence Activity programs. As the Deputy Chief of Staff, Bro Davis has begun to execute his plan which includes being a strategic advisor and counsel to the chief of staff, assume day-to-day responsibility for projects and tasks and finally create and maintain cross-program relationships to enable regional leadership success. Did you know that Bro. Davis has a love for street and travel photography and flown over 700,00 miles, visited 20 countries and 37 states. A well traveled sigma serving his country. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Steven H. Davis to the board.

    Brother Edmund Hardy

    Executive Assistant / ea27@pbseast.org

    Bro. Edmund Hardy was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2007 through Gettysburg College, Associate Membership (Theta Omicron Sigma, Harrisburg, PA). Bro. Hardy joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity because of the brotherhood and guidance that was shown to him from the brothers of Alpha Chapter at the Gettysburg College annual Step Show. He remained in contact with those brothers and discovered that a faculty member on campus was a member of the organization. Professionally, Bro. Edmund Hardy is a Solution Architect at Penn National Gaming Inc., leading developers on Digital Marketing Strategy, Loyalty Worth, and Casino Management System Development Brother Hardy plans to make sure that the Eastern Region Director is on time to all of his endeavors, counsel him, support his visions, and ensure he is on target with all of his tasks. Bro. Hardy's father, Charles Hardy was Nathan's Hot Dog Competitive Eater and Bro. Hardy is a pipe organist. Brothers please welcome Brother Edmund Hardy to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Dr. LaSella L. Hall

    Co-Director, Collegiate/Alumni Affairs / collegiatealumniaffairs2@pbseast.org

    Bro. Dr. LaSella Hall, Ph.D. was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Fall 2004 through Mu Upsilon Chapter (La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA). Bro. Dr. Hall joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. as the principles and motto of Sigma aligned with his life’s purpose. Professionally, Bro. Dr. Hall is a Higher Education Students Affairs Professional at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. As the Co-Director of Collegiate and Alumni Affairs, Bro. Dr. Hall plans to support and increase training for collegian brothers and to provide direct support for alumni chapters supporting collegian chapters. Brother Hall was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Surprisingly, there are black people who reside in Omaha, Nebraska. Please welcome Bro. Dr. Hall to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Derrick Jennings

    Co-Director, Collegiate/Alumni Affairs / collegiatealumniaffairs1@pbseast.org

    Brother Derrick Jennings was initiated in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2000 at Virginia State University (Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter). Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter at Virginia State University is one of the leading organizations on campus leading to bridge the gap between student leaders and incoming freshmen. As Bro. Jennings was moving into campus, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., was there to move him. Bro. Jennings knew that he wanted to be with these brothers pushing for change. Professionally, Bro. Jennings is the Deputy CIO, at Virginia State University. Bro. Jennings is ready to hit the ground running. He is looking to stabilize a conducive program that establishes the tracking of Collegiate Brothers transferring into Alumni chapters, identifying alumni chapter programs that focus on collegiate brothers, and establishing a unified presence among all of alumni chapters. Did you know that Bro. Derrick Jennings has a twin brother that works at Norfolk State University? Brothers, please welcome Bro. Derrick Jennings to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Courtney H. Souvenir Sr.

    Director, Sigma Beta Clubs / sigmabetaclub@pbseast.org

    Bro. Courtney Souvenir, Sr. was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Fall 1990 through Omicron Alpha Chapter (Utica College of Syracuse University). Bro. Souvenir joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc because of the brotherhood aspect of the organization. The brothers of Omicron Alpha took him under their wings and introduced him to brothers from other schools in New York. All of the brothers that he met treated him as a brother of the organization even though he was not a member until 1990. Professionally, Bro. Souvenir is a Senior Network Operations Analyst, for a major financial firm in the DMV area. Bro. Souvenir has proven that he is willing to mentor young men through his efforts with Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter (Montgomery County). Bro. Souvenir plans to continue on with the major initiatives of the SIgma Beta Club, partner with the National Sigma Beta Club Foundation and Sigma Beta Club Coordinators within the region, and assist those chapters who are in the beginning stages of chartering a Sigma Beta Club. In addition, he plans to be a beacon to all Sigma Beta Clubs by supporting their initiatives and leveraging standards that work and sharing them with the Sigma Beta Clubs across the region. In Bro. Souvenir’s free time, he loves to cook. Please welcome Bro. Souvenir to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Tyree M. Stokely

    Director, Information Technology/Chief Data Officer / technology@pbseast.org

    Bro. Tyree Stokely was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2014 through Chi Sigma Chapter (Newark, New Jersey). Bro. Stokely pays tribute to Bro. Adolph Rhymer (Alpha Delta Chapter/Epsilon Sigma Chapter), his uncle, who inspired him to join our wondrous brotherhood. It was through Bro. Rhymer, that he provided a great role model and influence to Bro. Stokely after the passing of Bro. Stokely’s father. Professionally, Bro. Stokely, is a Senior Product Manager for a major telecommunications company. Bro. Stokely has already begun to think of his disruptive digital changes for the region, which includes consolidated effective communications through target emails addresses through supplemental support to the regional director of publicity, technological support for all regional virtual and in-person conferences through direct support to the regional secretary, and transforming the data as it pertains to MIP providing support to the vice regional director. Finally, in his free time, Bro. Stokely enjoys martial arts. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Tyree Stokely to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Allen Powell

    Chaplain / chaplain@pbseast.org

    Bro. Allen Powell was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in Spring 1980 through Delta Delta Chapter (Coppin State College). Bro. Powell states that Delta Delta Chapter had the best step team out of all of the organization, and took a deep interest in Ph Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc as stepping is one his passions. Professionally, Bro Powell is the Senior Pastor of Holy Trinity Worship Center in Laurel, Maryland and is also a Commercial Sales Representative for Jiffy Plumbing in Hyattsville, Maryland. Bro. Powell is already hitting the ground running as to how the region can incorporate an inclusive religious agenda with helping to standardize our rituals and support the chapters within the Eastern Region with their growth. Bro. Powell loves to step and was a great stepper at Delta Delta Chapter. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Powell to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Linderal Arrington

    Director, Standards and Protocol / standardsprotocol@pbseast.org

    Bro. Linderal Arrington was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc in Spring 1984 at Norfolk State University (Delta Zeta Chapter). Brother Arrington joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. due to the investment they made into the progression of young black men on the campus. The brothers of Delta Zeta Chapter exuded attentiveness and genuine connections which are in the high ideals of “Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service”. Professionally, Bro. Arrington works in education as a high school administrator. Bro. Arrington plans to make sure that the brothers follow standards and understand protocol within this region. Within his plans, he plans to ensure the brothers are uniformed in ceremonial attire and empower the brothers with the necessary tools for executing protocol. Bro. Arrington swam in high school and college and was a Lifeguard on the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Linderal Arrington to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Willard Hutt

    Historian / historian@pbseast.org

    Bro. Willard Hutt was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 1980 at Simpson College (Kappa Gamma Chapter). Bro Hutt’s mother was a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and through her influence and guidance, he made the decision to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Professionally, Bro. Hutt serves as a teacher’s aide to disabled children in the Prince George’s County Public School System. Bro. Hutt continues to exude excellence in the history he has collected for this fraternity on an international and regional level. Bro Hutt’s plans include finding the location of every Eastern Regional Conference and identify every elected member of the Eastern Regional Board, finish the PBS Awardees list, continue to list every member of the Eastern Region to the National Board and finally to put a brief biography of every member inducted into the Distinguished Service Chapter. Did you know that Bro. Hutt is an amateur photographer? He takes stellar photos throughout the region capturing our history. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Willard Hutt to the Eastern Regional Board.

    Brother Ron Martin

    Director, Military Affairs / militaryaffairs@pbseast.org

    Bro. Ron Martin was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 1985 at Hampton University (Beta Gamma Chapter). The principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service convinced Bro. Martin became a member of this great fraternity as these core values correlated with his daily living. Professionally, Bro. Martin is a Logistics Officer (MAJ/O4) in the Army Reserve currently on active duty following deployment to Afghanistan. Bro Martin was the Executive Officer of 398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion out of Rockville, MD and is awaiting his next assignment at the 55th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Belvoir, VA. He is also a high school junior varsity football coach at Reservoir High School in Fulton, MD (Howard County) and plans to start a small business in the Howard County area. As Director of Military Affairs, Bro. Martin plans to recognize brothers who have and/or serving in our Armed Forces within the region, initiate an international survey to get an accurate picture of how many have served or are serving across the entire fraternity, and finally establish a program to regularly feature each branch of our Military and the different components as they apply. The brothers of the Eastern Region thanks Bro Martin and all brothers for their service in the Armed Forces. Bro. Martin is a massive movie and television fan who loves both Star Trek and Star Wars. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Ron Martin to the Eastern Regional board.

    Brother Roland Seward

    Regional Health and Wellness Coordinator / fitness@pbseast.org

    Bro. Roland Seward was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2017 through Zeta Chi Sigma (Metro DC-Prince George County). Bro Seward was a member in the Sigma Beta Club in high school which taught him brotherhood and life lessons which propelled him to become a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Professionally, Bro. Seward is the owner and operator of Melange Wellness which is a self-care business that motivates and educates people (in various ways), giving them the daily tools they need to provide themselves with healing and uplifting care. Bro. Seward specializes in all fitness, massage, and yoga. As the Regional Health and Wellness Coordinator, Bro. Seward plans to increase health awareness throughout the organization, increase Sigma and Zeta Communication through fitness, and plan to help serve the organization by providing guidance on physical fitness, recovery or weight loss. Did you know that Bro Seward has been on the television show American Ninja Warrior twice (season 6 and 8). Bro. Seward plans to get the region in shape taking us to new heights of health and wellness. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Roland Seward to the board.

    Brother Marquise Lawson

    Regional Step Master / stepmaster@pbseast.org

    Bro. Marquese Lawson was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2016 at Delta Mu Chapter (Bowie State University). Stepping and the high ideals of our fraternity is why Bro. Lawson joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Bro. Lawson is a full time cyber security consultant and is also employed with NASA. Bro. Lawson plans to bring back stepping to the region. Did you know that Bro. Lawson was a part of an award winning national championship High School Step team “Dem Raider Boyz” and was featured on NBC in 2018? You can see that Bro. Lawson is ready to show the brotherhood some true Sigma Stepping. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Marquise Lawson to the Eastern Regional Board.