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    Formed in 1934, the Social Action program was conceived by Bro. Elmo M. Anderson to focus on improving the general wellbeing of disenfranchised people. The mission of the International Social Action Program is to encourage social, political and philanthropic leadership which strengthens our respective communities and our membership by:

    • Educating fraternity members on health issues affecting them and their families

    • Increasing visibility and sense of self-worth by/through serving in the community

    • Providing education/information about political and community issues, and increasing awareness of the legislative process

    • Involving the membership in fund raising activities that support organizations sharing our vision

    • Promoting health awareness to encourage prevention of health challenges and promote health maintenance


    Sigma Advocacy

    Sigma Advocacy is an initiative designed to focus on building our collective voice around legislative policies and social injustice that impact our communities locally, statewide and nationally. Empowering our chapters to serve and support their communities through activism and advocacy is the call to action for all brothers in Sigma.  Educating the public on concerns for a particular cause or policy, chapters are encouraged to host or attend local town halls to address any issues impacting the community. In addition, chapters can plan legislative engagement events that aim to address their elected officials like:


    • Sigma Week On Capitol Hill 

    • Sigma Day at the State Capitol


    Sigma Wellness

    Sigma Wellness is our men’s health initiative designed to educate and inform our membership and the community about key health issues facing men of color. Engaging our communities through dialogue about overall quality of health and solutions to improve our well-being as men by addressing:

    • Living Healthy: Diet and Nutrition

    • Living Fit: Obesity and Weight Control

    • Living Responsible: Reducing your Cancer Risk

    • Living Risk Free: Sexual Health

    • Living Balanced: Spiritual and Mental Health


    Social Action Partnerships

    For decades Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity maintained strong relationships with leading community organizations. We actively fundraise, advocate, and bring awareness to the following three organizations: March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, and Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. 



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