State & Other Appointed Leadership

Brother Carlton Wourman

Appointed Position: Chief of Staff
Bro. Carlton Wourman was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in Spring 2009 through Nu Eta Sigma (Yokosuka, Japan). “Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service” is exactly what Bro. Wourman represents and was immediately drawn to the fraternity because the organization was dedicated to “WORK” and not popularity. The fraternity has proven throughout history that work was being accomplished without fanfare. Professionally, Bro. Wourman is a thirty year retired naval officer, currently working as a Senior Analyst for Leidos Inc (Defense Contractor Task Lead) working at the National Maritime Intelligence Center. 
Bro. Wourman accepted the Chief of Staff position because it allows him to help the Eastern Regional Director behind the scenes. Bro. Wourman believes in results not excuses. Through this, he plans to execute the plans and vision of the Eastern Regional Director by requiring excellent and frequent communications, meeting deadlines, driving the goals of the Eastern Regional Director, speaking honestly and holding brothers accountable for their responsibilities, managing personalities while  remaining focused on the collective goals of the ERD and the brothers. He is detail oriented and believes managing small details contributes to large accomplishments. When Bro. Wourman is not working hard for Sigma, he considers it a great day when he is grilling outdoors with family, listening to smooth jazz while enjoying a smooth cognac, bourbon, or scotch. Brothers, please welcome Bro. Carlton Wourman to the Eastern Regional Board.